In order to better understand the DTC space, a few years ago, we built a database of leading brands - covering a range of locations and categories. This dataset and our related global strategy work …are the basis for this report on the future of DTC marketing.

In this report, we look at the following questions:

- Is the DTC movement stalling
- What can large brands learn from DTC
- With a recession looming, what actions should brands take
- Key considerations shaping the next wave of growth- Who are the top DTC brands
- How quickly DTC brands scale-up
- Top performing categories
- What should a growth playbook look like
- What lessons can be applied from China to Global marketing
- What new channels should brands look to
- Which countries and region hold the most promise for new growth

This report represents a fresh point of view on Global Marketing - blending our unique combination of experiences with; (1)both China x Global, (2)between smaller (DTC) and larger, incumbent brands, and (3)with digital and traditional media.

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