As part of their brand’s move into the Metaverse, BOOHOO launched an NFT education and community building platform @boohooverse on Twitter and Discord, with the aim of bringing the female fashion community into Web3 ahead of their first drop.

Keen to empower up-and-coming female artists and make the NFT/Crypto world a more inclusive and representative space, BOOHOO ran a global competition to support their move into the Metaverse. The competition recruited a handful of female artists in the NFT space, pitched as “the biggest female-led NFT collection yet.” 

BOOHOO’s audience was be able to own their first NFT from the company for free, which they claimed through their website. The free NFT was an access card, which provided access to digital artwork by Amy Kilner in addition to exclusive offers and discounts.

Seeking to empower its female audience to better understand the Metaverse, Boohoo provided its community with free NFTs and access to exclusive art work, offers and discounts.
Amy Kilner artwork featured.
In close alignment with its core audience, BOOHOO celebrated up-and-coming female artists with its efforts in creating its “Boohoo-verse.”