Virtualization of brand (and product) experiences advanced significantly during the pandemic - and will be increasingly more important over the coming few years. 

At present, Snapchat is providing stepping stone AR/VR opportunities, allowing brands to count some easy wins. 

Lingerie brand CUUP partnered with Snapchat to implement a shoppable AR campaign in 2021. The campaign transported shoppers to a virtual vacation spot where they could imagine what different bra styles would look like in situ. 

The CUUP Shoppable Lens was viewed by over 5.56M Snapchatters - mostly GenZ and millennial audiences. The participants in this virtual window shopping x vacation experience engaged with the experience for over 19 seconds on average.

Virtualization efforts are set to shift from the realm of campaign/buzz building to being more foundational. Increased attention on the Metaverse and Virtual Reality will start to accelerate these initiatives. Brands need to start understanding how/what works in this space.

Users were able to take part in an AR experience that transported them to a tropical destination where they could explore and shop a variety of lingerie in situ.