For Christmas and Valentines Day, Happy Socks setup a guided selling “gift bot” to help its customers find the exact right products from its 300+ sock styles. These seasonal, personalized shopping experiences resulted in an average 3X ROAS. 

The use of Conversational AI has exploded over the past several years as brands endeavor to offer customers more personal, careful solutions - at scale. 

And, as data and privacy issues (namely the elimination of 3rd party cookies) expands, first party data coming from; (1)owned channels, such as Websites and email lists, and (2)from platforms …becomes essential for marketers. 

In this context, building up more robust, conversational (1-2-1) lines into Facebook is valuable in allowing brands to access new audience groups and to pull audience data from engaged followers.

In a world with 3rd party cookies, collecting this type of data was outsourced to the ad networks. Moving forward the onus is shifting back to the brand to collect customer profiles and scale these data.

Happy Socks’ Facebook Messenger bot taps into Facebook audiences with targeted ads and prospect messaging. Interested customers are then in a position to narrow down the parameters for shopping by answering questions (for him/her) and selecting from style/thematic options. The whole process is linked to check-out from inside Messenger.