QR codes are finally getting their due as a tool for bridging online and offline. The low-touch, no-touch environment during the pandemic, saw QR codes get adopted much more widely by both brands and consumers.

Haven’s Kitchen added QR codes to its retail boxes. Those QR codes are linked to cooking videos - helping them drive traffic from offline presence at Whole Foods and Target, to their own Website. 

The QR code scans from offline are resulting in significant increases to Website traffic. Engagement with on-site recipes increased by 70% in the first 30 days after the new (QR code) pouches launched. 

This tactic has helped the brand become more DTC, where it would otherwise be very difficult for a refrigerated product to go direct. 

In addition to building potential for repeat (loyalty related) purchases, the brand is able to gain important customer insights (from when they scan, what they engage with…).

Haven’s Kitchen, which was started as a cooking school has been able to get back to its roots in connecting instructional content with commerce, using QR codes to drive customers to cooking videos and recipes on its site. A possible next step for the brand might be in connecting customers to the cooking school location, and/or adding AR to QR scans.