Health and snack food company Misfits has made extensive use of SMS & Chat based social media to cultivate trust with its customers. Customer chats through social and SMS are used to follow up on orders, gain feedback on products and support sales and repeat sales.

The brand has recognized that the customers who engage on SMS and social channels are also its most engaged and loyal. 

As a reward to these highly engaged customers (where high levels of trust have been built), Misfits offers up first dibs on its latest product drops. Misfits’ limited edition Peanut Butter & Jelly bar was made available to its Chat customers - by giving them exclusive access codes. 

Finding small opportunities to reward your most loyal customers is critical. 

Access to limited edition drops, offered up over a Chat feels a lot like visiting a neighborhood shop and getting a small token of appreciation. These little tokens go a long way to stimulating trust and advocacy that lasts. 

The limited edition drop for Misfits’ PB&J bar was first made available to its most loyal customers from its Chat channels.
In its experience with SMS Chat, Misfits has found that customers who engage in conversation have a 19% higher LTV than average cohorts.