H&M who owns Monki describes it as a ‘storytelling’ brand. As such, Monki looks to its audiences to help co-author the brand story - its a highly collaborative interplay between brand and customer. 

Monki’s track-record in marketing reflects this co-creative path to building a brand. Social media and audience engagement provide the foundation for this collaborative approach, where the brand provides incentives to the audience for its on-going inputs. Audiences help drive the direction of the brand, and the direction of product design and merchandising. 

Brand and audiences come together on a regular basis in what’s called the “Club Monkisphere” where audiences participate in crowd selecting/creating ideas with the brand. Monki has done several capsule collections together with its audiences.

User generated content also plays a pivotal role in Monki Television and Monki magazine. And, Monki is an early mover in the livestreaming space, which could end up being the forum for the best quality co-creation opportunities.

“Club Monkisphere” is a regular competition that invites audience to style their own favorite looks.
Sweatshirt as part of a crowd-created capsule collection by the Monki Community.