Nextdoor could help brands to spark growth into new, local, communities.

DTC brands are challenged in being relatively biased to a home town-city-state. Despite being digital-first, many DTCs have sales which are skewed heavily toward HQ (and/or areas with retail locations). 

Local social networks like Nextdoor could help bridge this gap by providing more geo-specific (cost effective) communications to ‘jumpstart’ activity into new cities-states/provinces. Businesses use Nextdoor to; share special offers, run local deal ads, engage with community, and gauge local brand reputation.

While Nextdoor is (for the most part) designed more around local restaurants, services and shops, there are still opportunities for retail brands to use it to support community growth into specific cities/communities and facilitate word of mouth These efforts could precede a physical store or be done side-by-side with a physical store launch. 

Nextdoor has an ads management dashboard. Costs for highly targeted ads on Nextdoor offer savings when compared with Facebook and Google