The Nextdoor “Treat Map” is an interactive tool for neighborhoods across the US to rally local communities around Halloween. The Treat Map is like Waze or Google Maps but for candy and decorations. 

Reese’s was the 2021 sponsor for the Treat Map on Nextdoor. The Orange, yellow and brown of Reese’s was present across the entire interactive feature. Product related content and ads were also presented across the Nextdoor App. 

New media channels are extremely valuable for growth-focused brands.

Innumerable studies have demonstrated that additional media channels provide “incremental lift” for brands, with each new channel providing 5-10 points of additional ROI on campaigns.

While valuable for both DTC and incumbent brands, new media are likely to be more profoundly important for larger brands. New (especially innovative and experimental channels) allow incumbent brands to re-fresh audiences and stimulate renewed excitement.

Brands that use the same media channels too frequently, can see their messages fade into the background. With its 2021 platform-level sponsorship on Nextdoor, Reese’s succeeded in putting its brand at the center of Halloween, while entrenching its brand with new audiences.