Where most acne patches are purely functional, Starface stands out from the crowd with a fun, fresh approach. Its signature bright yellow “hydro-stars” are playful stickers that “work well and make zits look fun,” according to reviews on social media. 

Product, brand and overall service delivery are all clearly designed around balancing fun with functionality. With over 187 million views on TikTok, Starface has the makings of being a cult brand.

The challenge that a brand like Starface is likely to confront is in having a deluge of look-alike, copycat brands who dilute their distinctive and innovative identity.

Starface will have to continue to defend this position by using highly distinctive branding and imagery to defend its look, style and approach as THE approach…the one that consumers want to be seen wearing over the others.

Distinctiveness is about consistently being on-brand and clearly identifiable from competitors. Brand codes (images/icons/colors) which are repeated and amplified become barriers to protect category positioning from competitors.

A fun, functional product has given Starface considerable traction in its category.
Owning and amplifying the brand codes that make Starface distinct give them the opportunity to eventually own the category.