TikTok has become a key source of beauty information for Gen Z. Especially during COVID, an army of skin-case influencers have emerged as having the ability to make or break sales for brands. Peace Out Skincare’s pore strips saw a fourfold increase in 24 hours about Hyram Yarbro, a skinfluencer on TikTok, posted a duet with a fellow influencer and praised the brand.

The DTC beauty brand sold out of their pore strip product, and over 15,000 people purchased their $19 pack of pore strips because of this single TikTok. This is a result of the company efforts to invest heavily into TikTokand ramp up marketing efforts despite the changing climate of the pandemic. The brand previously sold a majority of their products on Sephora, and physical retail was a significant part of their revenues. This pivot to a more DTC business has helped the company adapt and remain on target for business expansion.