For most of the World, chat/messenger apps are the equivalent of email - they are THE foundational communications tool. According to Meta, more than 1.0 billion users connect with a business on its messaging services each week. WhatsApp, with more than 2.0 billion MAU is the clear leader across most of the globe.

WhatsApp has a growing set of solutions for businesses; (1)SME’s mostly use the WhatsApp business app for hosting customer chats, while (2)larger businesses, are tapping into the ‘Cloud API’ (which is now available to all businesses worldwide.  

Marketing on WhatsApp is conversational (display ads are not available to advertisers), with customer service/support and cultivating sales being the mode of operations. Businesses on WhatsApp pay on a per-message basis (with rates varying by geography and volume). This method of social commerce is well-proven in China (with WeChat). And the open rates on WhatsApp (80%+) dramatically out-perform email open rates which are in the range of 20% (MailChimp 2021).

Bags brand Cheel uses QR codes to initiate transactions (and customer engagement at/after purchase).
Fashion brand Modanisa has chatbots for customer service and ecommerce. 55% of customers using the chatbot placed their first orders.