QUIP has been among the most active DTC brands when it comes to diversifying ad mix away from digital, to build a more complete (pervasive) presence across digital and traditional channels.

Out of home (OOH) seems like an unlikely complement to digital. OOH seems like a vestige of advertising’s more blunt, in-your-face past. But that is exactly the point when it comes to OOH, TV and some other more traditional (mainstream) forms of media. 

Billboards wrapped around Times Square together with Subway ads peppering the city help QUIP move towards a few important goals; 

  1. They get noticed: both locally where the physical OOH ads are positioned and through the ripple effect of social media and PR coverage
  2. They signal trust: these larger ad formats carry a sense of gravitas and signal to audiences that the brand is legit. 

Especially with higher consideration products - such as healthcare - building trust is all-important. QUIP has raised upwards of $160 million with the goal of building a lasting, global business in the oral care market. In this context, bottom-up (acquisition) just isn’t enough to fuel growth

QUIP has been among the more aggressive DTC brands when it comes to expanding to new media channels. In addition to break-thru ads in Times Square, QUIP either has or will present ads on Subways, Bus Shelters and through Digital OOH locations.